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Updated: Sep 25, 2018

"I face life with dignity and consider myself a survivor."

I met Alex during the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia events in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in May 2018. We sat down for a very emotional interview as he discussed the struggles of transitioning to becoming a man. Following the interview, Alex gave me the following brief essay he has written about his life.

Alex is a very sweet and affable young man with a big heart, warm presence and sensitive spirit. I am honored to call this brave and determined soul my friend!

Transboy, Alex Ramos Borrego

Hello, I am Alex. I am a TransBoy in Cuba.

I happily made the name change without changing the registration of my sex. I chose the neutral name of Alex. I had the help of a lawyer with experience and desires to help. In May 2015, a ministerial resolution authorized individuals to change their name if the photo that appears on identification cards coincides according to gender. This is not so simple to achieve.

I visited CENESEX on three occasions in 2012 where I underwent psychological, endocrine and hematological studies. I received approval from the institution because my figure and my voice are natural. I have not had any hormonal treatment to transition to being a man, but consider myself to be male.

When younger, I did not have evidence of pubertal changes. When seeing that breasts did not develop by the age of 16, my family had me injected with female hormones so that I would grow breasts and began to menstruate. It was a painful experience for me. Now in the community where I live near Las Tunas, Cuba, everyone accepts me as a man, but the process with my family has been difficult.

For 5 years a psychologist has made a case study of me that she has presented to other professionals dealing with the issue of Trans people. Although I would like to proceed with the process of a sex change, it is difficult for me because the procedures are done in Havana. Living hours away in Las Tunas, and no relatives or close friends in Havana to stay with, keeps me from further treatment. I also have a partner who has 2 children in which I help to raise. Because of these things, it is difficult to move to Havana. I have few material resources, and many wishes for change, but the wishes are not enough.

If you wish to contact me about my experience, I am on Facebook, and you can find me under the name of Alex Ramos Borrego. I can facilitate an interview or case study in an open manner, because it can be an inspiration because despite everything, I face life with dignity and consider myself a survivor.

Below: Alex gets some well-deserved loving from supportive friends.

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